Cultural Curriculum for American Indian
Early Childhood Programs


This hands-on “make and take” class will give you the theoretical background, strategies and activities you need to make cultural early childhood cultural curriculum a success. You’ll learn how to motivate children through culture, native language and imagination while helping children develop positive self-concepts and skills to succeed in two worlds. We’ll thoroughly explore national early childhood curriculum standards and student development goals and equip you with the tools you need to measure whether these standards and goals have been met.

Everything we discuss will include a careful examination of bi-cultural and multi-cultural considerations. You’ll learn how to plan and develop daily and long-term curriculum that’s based on local culture and also meets national standards. Plus, you’ll learn effective implementation strategies and be made aware of the range of materials and resources that are available to teachers.

Be sure to bring stories from your culture or tribe to share—we’ll use these stories to build a thematic unit you can implement upon returning home. All lessons developed during the class will be shared! Learn how to build or develop a culture trunk(s) for use in the classroom to help demonstrate information about AI cultures--including their own--to young children. Discover the ways other early childhood education programs in tribal communities are effectively teaching through culture in their classrooms and programs, and begin to build your own set of teacher resources that are culturally, linguistically and developmentally-appropriate and can be used again and again.

Perfect for teachers and program directors from head start, early childhood education programs and child care centers operated by tribes, and/or private operators for children ages 2 ½ to 6 years old.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Meeting Early Childhood Curriculum Standards
  • National standards
  • Local standards
  • Individual student level standards
  • Center or program level standards
Using Early Childhood Education Models
  • Standard
  • Bilingual
  • Bi-cultural
  • Multicultural
Developing Curriculum
  • Outlining goals and plans
  • Creating meaningful learning objectives
  • Designing lesson plans that truly meet objectives
  • Using the oral tradition concept effectively
  • Using circle of learning curriculum
Implementing Cultural Curriculum
  • Using culturally-appropriate teaching methods
  • Getting support from administration
  • Gaining buy-in from parents and the community
  • Choosing the best medium for sharing, including CDs, iPad programs and videos
Promoting the Value of Teaching Culture
  • Link to self-esteem
  • Providing skills to succeed in two worlds
  • Engaging and motivating all students
  • Cultural implications for the future
Measuring Cultural Growth and Accomplishment
  • Setting and meeting goals
  • Quantifying cultural growth and development in children
  • Evaluating knowledge and skills acquisition
  • Deciding what, when and how to measure
  • What funders want to see

*Topics subject to change.

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