The Legal Aspects of Health
Information Management

Everyone who handles health information has a legal and professional stake in understanding the legal requirements that serve to safeguard health care information. This course will cover all legal aspects of the Health Information Management (HIM) field, including the legal principles governing patient information. We'll use actual cases to explore the relationship between health information and the laws that govern them.

This class provides comprehensive coverage of legal aspects related to provider liability, patient records requirements and their functionality in the legal system, confidentiality and access to health information and specific types of health informaton specifically, specialized patient records, HIV / AIDS information, electronic records, alcohol and drug records, abuse records and facility liability.

This course takes a straightforward approach that makes the material accessible to those without legal training. Be sure you know the latest legal requirements regarding HIM - register today!

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Patient Record Requirements
  • Functions and uses of medical records
  • Legal requirements
  • Retention requirements
  • Record destruction requirements
Risk Management
  • General principles
  • Incident reports
  • Quality assurance
Issues of Confidentiality
  • Understanding the principle of informed consent
  • Documentation of patient consent in the medical record
Basic Introduction to the Legal System
  • Understanding the court system
  • Basics of the legal process
  • Medical records as evidence
  • Which subpoenas and court orders are required to be honored
  • Courtroom disclosures
Liability Principles
  • Health care relationships
  • Theories of liability
  • Defenses and limitations on liability
  • Liability for improper disclosure of medical records
Specific Categories of Records
  • Records of child abuse
  • Records of adult abuse
  • Do not resuscitate orders
  • Living wills
  • AIDS patients' records
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Home healthcare
Record Security
  • Paper records
  • Electronic records
  • Release of protected information
  • Best practices of medical record security
Case Studies
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