Self-Governance: The Future of Compacting
for Tribes

Many tribes have chosen to enter into a self-governance relationship with the Department of the Interior, the Indian Health Service, or both. During this class, we'll take you through this program designed for tribes that already operate under a compact or those who are contemplating moving from self-determination to a self-governance relationship.

The program content begins with the origins of self-governance and traces a path to the latest issues currently impacting the program. Topics will include a discussion on the differences between a compact and the Annual Funding Agreement (AFA), including non BIA and IHS programs in your AFA, construction projects, rebudgeting, interest income and much more.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
History of Federal Policy toward Indian Country
  • Contact Period
  • Legislation - positive and negative
  • Significant court decisions
  • Significant court decisions
  • Purpose of self-governance
  • Where we are today
Self-Governance in Focus
  • Background of P.L. 93-638
  • Implementing regulations
  • Major differences between self-governance and self-determination
  • Funding issues under self-governance
  • What you’re entitled to
Tribal Shares
  • Explaining tribal shares
  • The process for determining them
  • Getting your fair share
  • What do you leave?
  • Buybacks
Contract Support
  • Latest legal update
  • Pending Supreme Court cases
  • Recurring and non-recurring
  • Latest budget amounts - BIA/IHS
  • Tips on getting full amount
  • What you receive in the AFA
  • Including non BIA/IHS programs
  • Startup costs
  • IDC on non-P.L. 93-638 programs
Program Standards
  • What you must include
  • Right to negotiate
  • Disagreements
  • Federal limitations
  • Tribal standards
  • Interest (limited restrictions)
  • Requirements to manage investments
  • Other types of income
  • Requirements under third-party revenue
  • What is meant by overall purpose of award?
  • Are these Federal records?
  • Application of FOIA
  • Application of Privacy Act
  • Federal access to tribal records
Establishing Performance Measures
  • Program assessment tool
  • Establishing mission, goals and objectives
  • Developing output measures
  • Developing outcome measures
  • Measuring overall impact on community
Other Topics
  • Program redesign
  • Rebudgeting
  • Using funds as matching share
  • Appeals
  • Tort Claims coverage
  • Required reports
  • Sections of P.L. 93-638 that apply to annual funding agreements
  • Monitoring by Federal agency
*Topics subject to change
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