Responding to Domestic Violence
and Sexual Assault

Domestic violence and sexual assault are violent criminal events that occur with alarming frequency across the United States. Effectively responding to and investigating these crimes is absolutely necessary to assure the safety of communities, families and individual victims. However, understanding the dynamics of both criminal offenses is equally important, as is effectively and compassionately interacting with the victims of such criminal assaults.

This two-day class will provide attendees with the information needed to not only respond and investigate domestic violence and sexual assault cases effectively, but also to understand the contributing factors to such crimes and the importance of approaching and dealing with these events professionally and thoroughly.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Domestic Violence Investigations
  • The history of domestic violence:
    • Facts and statistics
  • Domestic violence laws:
    • Mandatory arrest policies
    • The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Indicators of domestic violence victimization:
    • Characteristics of the domestic violence victim
    • Characteristics of the domestic violence suspect
    • Recognizing the cycle of domestic violence
  • Preliminary response to domestic violence events:
    • Victim and witness considerations
    • Crime scene control considerations
    • Forensic evidence considerations
  • Effective interview techniques for domestic violence victims
  • Effective interrogation techniques for domestic violence offenders
  • Domestic violence victim resources
Sexual Assault Investigations
  • The forms and definitions of sexual assault
  • Classifying sexual offenses and sexual offenders
  • Preliminary response to sexual assault events:
    • Victim and witness considerations
    • Crime scene control considerations
    • Forensic evidence considerations
  • The sexual assault investigative process
  • Developing leads and suspects
  • Effective interview techniques for sexual assault victims
    • Forensic interviews
    • Law enforcement interviews
  • Effective interrogation techniques for sexual offender suspects
  • Drug-induced sexual assaults
  • Autoerotic death considerations
  • Sexual assault victim resources
  • Topics subject to change.

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