HR Skills for Tribal Administrative Professionals

From assisting with recruiting and hiring tasks, to performing payroll and timekeeping functions, to helping other employees understand policies and procedures, to providing excellent internal customer service, admins who know how to perform HR functions are in high demand. This one-of-a-kind class will help you build marketable HR skills that will wow your boss and better position you for career advancement.

Youíll discover best practices for setting up and handling personnel files, how you can ensure confidential information stays confidential, and which important employment laws you need to familiarize yourself with in the tribal workplace. Weíll show you how and where to post job listings that get responses, what to look for when reviewing resumes, how to use pre-screening calls and reference-checks effectively, tips for scheduling interviews and more. Whether youíre looking for tools to help you excel in your current job or move up the career ladder, donít miss this unique opportunity. Register today!

To get the most out of this class, please bring a copy of your organizationís Personnel Policies and Procedures with you so that you can use them for class exercises.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Self-Determination and HR
  • Understanding sovereignty
  • What does self-determination mean in the tribal workplace?
  • Federal employment laws that impact tribal organizations
  • Overview of HR's role
Providing Internal Customer Service
  • How to deliver what internal customers want:
    • Courteousness
    • Timely information/service
    • Explanation of information
    • Anticipation of need for additional information
    • Knowing where to turn for information
    • Consistency
  • Creating a customer "bug" list
  • HR-related phone and email etiquette
  • Setting Up Personnel Files
    • Hiring records
    • Drug tests, background checks, credit checks
    • I-9 files
    • Personnel/payroll files
    • Manager desk files
    • Medical files
    • Worker's compensation and FMLA files
    Handling Confidential Records
    • Best practices for electronic files
    • Best practices for physical files
    • Special considerations for medical records
    • Deciding what should be confidential
    • What is appropriate to discuss via email?
    • Understanding and explaining conflicts of interest
    • Shutting down gossip about employees
    Personnel Policies and Procedures
    • Understanding policies and procedures
    • Explaining policies to others
    • Tracking compliance
    • Helping to implement policy changes
    • Examining common policies: travel, purchasing, HR
    • Successfully communicating Indian preference and nepotism policies
    Performing Essential Recruitment and Hiring Tasks
    • Posting job openings
    • Reviewing resumes
    • Ensuring applications are complete and full
    • Calling candidates
    • Checking references
    • Background investigations
    • Setting up interviews
    • Onboarding
    Explaining Employee Compensation and Benefits
    • Explaining benefits in a way employees understand
    • Using different mediums for explaining benefits

    *Topics subject to change.

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