Business Math Essentials for Tribal Government
and Enterprise Employees

Basic business math is an essential job tool across industries and at every level of many organizations. This class uses real-world examples from casinos, restaurants, and retail to help you re-learn concepts like how and when to use decimals, percentages and ratios. It heavily emphasizes the fundamentals of dealing with money, including basics like making change, counting large amounts of money, reconciling cash drawers and understanding discounts. We'll also discuss how to properly calculate payroll costs, including costs for salaried, hourly and commission employees, including how to account for overtime.

In this class, you'll be surrounded by fellow tribal workers in a low-pressure, non-judgmental classroom setting. You’ll learn time-saving tricks for doing math in your head, but you'll also learn how to properly use a calculator - including cell phone calculators - by inputting the correct order of operations. Plus, we'll recommend the latest technologies that make math a breeze. Invest in your professional development and increase your value to your organization – register for this important class today!

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Counting Cash
  • Counting coins and bills
  • Counting large amounts of money
  • Making change
  • Counting up
  • Reconciling cash drawers
  • Calculating tips
  • Checking others' calculations
  • Review of addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Working with ratios and rates
  • Calculating averages
  • Reading decimals
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
  • Calculating prices in sales
  • Calculating amounts for cooking
  • Calculating staff time and staff needs
Calculating Payroll Costs
  • Salaried employees
  • Hourly employees:
    • Overtime
  • Piecework employees
  • Commission employees:
    • Straight commission
    • Salary, plus commission
  • Converting a percentage to a fraction and a fraction to a percentage
  • Converting a percentage to a decimal and a decimal to a percentage
  • Calculating discounts
  • Determining percentage
Working with Calculators
  • Using business vs. scientific calculators
  • Order of operations
  • Choosing the correct input
  • Using your phone as a calculator
Recommended Technology
  • Recommendations on the latest technological tools for business math needs

*Topics subject to change.

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