Planning and Facilitating
Tribal Meetings and Community Forums

Encouraging community participation in tribal meetings promotes transparent government, increases buy-in for decisions, and garners public support and trust. Community involvement in meetings can even be a requirement of certain grants. When meetings are open to the public, its extra important that everything is well-planned and well-implemented. In this exciting one-day class, well walk you through how to identify the purpose of a meeting, decide on the right meeting format, determine who should be involved and what their roles should be, and what you need to do to plan and arrange the logistics. Well also provide you with strategies for actively involving and engaging community members, as well as post-meeting steps you need to take for evaluating and following up on the meeting.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Planning Tribal Meetings and Community Forums
  • Why and when to hold public meetings
  • Determining the purpose of a meeting
  • Who to include
  • Strategies for reaching out to the public
  • Different types of meetings and forums
  • How to select the meeting format
  • Planning and arranging the facilities
  • Preparing the agenda
  • Selecting speakers
  • Characteristics of effective meetings
  • Meeting checklists
  • Dos and donts
  • Roles and responsibilities of those involved
  • Evaluating the meeting
  • Post-meeting follow-up

*Topics subject to change.

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