Tribal Government Essentials for Tribal Councils
and Employees in Alaska

This class is the perfect starting point for anyone serving on a tribal council, working for a tribe or working with tribes in Alaska. While nearly half of the federally recognized tribes in the US are in Alaska, much of the information you’ll find online or in training courses is geared towards tribes in the lower 48. This class provides a great foundation of Alaska-specific information. We’ll help you understand all the basic aspects of tribal government development as they relate to Alaska tribes, in plain language you can understand.

Join us for an information-packed class taught by Alaska tribal government expert Lisa Jaeger*.

*Subject to change.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Basic Federal Indian Law as it Applies to Alaska Tribes
  • Legal and political framework
Tribal Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in Alaska
  • Current picture of jurisdiction for Alaska tribes
  • Territory: Land management and land into trust
  • Personal: Tribal membership and enrollment/citizenship
  • Subjects: Domestic relations and public safety
  • Rights and obligations of tribal councils
  • Ethics for tribal governments
  • Holding effective meetings - Robert's Rules
  • Rights of tribal membership
  • Communication considerations
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Protecting tribal resources: Fraud prevention
  • Tribal sovereign immunity
  • Business structures for economic development
Tribal Employment
  • History of Native preference hire
  • Personnel policies
  • Relationships between employees and councils
Legislative Aspect of Tribal Government
  • Written tools of tribal government (constitutions, codes, policies, resolutions, MOAs)
  • Assessing where the tribe is at in terms of written laws
Judicial Role of Tribal Government
  • Establishing tribal courts
  • Judicial structures
  • Fundamentals of due process
  • Funding opportunities
  • Opportunities to work with the state
  • Restorative justice
Tribal Government: Good to Great
  • Strategic planning
  • Best practices
Topics subject to change.
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