Advanced Tribal Economic Development

Savvy tribes are becoming more and more economically sophisticated, selectively capitalizing on innovative economic development opportunities, while protecting and promoting tribal values. This important class, taught by one of the leading experts in strategies and methods for tribal economic development, provides crucial information on creating sustainable prosperity in Native American communities.

You’ll get a comprehensive, analytical look at the political dynamics that impact economic development, learn about important business-specific tribal legal codes including HEARTH Act provisions, TERA regulations, and corporation codes, and discover how to strategically partner with federal agencies, including the use of PL 477 programs. We’ll discuss how instituting distribution policies that match tribal needs and values can help create sustainable positive impacts for the tribal economy, and explore how to use Tribally Chartered Banks as a means through which tribes can obtain capital on reasonable terms and facilitate investment in areas of critical need. You’ll also learn about the process for creating a special-purpose municipality for conducting business on tribal land - the ultimate combination of tribal sovereignty and economics.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Political Economy in Native American Nations
  • Understanding political dynamics that impact economic development
  • Strategies for managing these dynamics
  • Considerations for setting policies for capital distributions:
    • Matching tribal needs and values
    • Creating sustainable positive impacts
Legal Codes for Facilitating Economic Development
  • Which legal codes to adopt for crucial enterprise areas
  • HEARTH Act provisions
  • TERA regulations
  • Corporation codes
Federal Partnering for Workforce Development
  • Tips for effective partnering with federal agencies
  • P.L. 477 programs
  • Keeping pace with industry trends and skill set requirements
Tribal Captive Insurance Companies
  • The direct-purchasing method utilized by Fortune 500 corporations
  • Saving on annual insurance costs
  • Improving risk management programs
  • Generating new sources of capital for investment and business development
Opportunities in e-Sports
  • Hosting video game tournaments in tribal venues
  • Connecting with the prime 18-35 consumer demographics
  • Generating revenue from sponsorships, intellectual property and sports betting
  • Team ownership and global branding
Strategic Investing and Capital Management
  • Investing surplus capital
  • Planning guidance
  • Investment approaches for creating risk-appropriate asset portfolios
Tribally Chartered Banks
  • Sovereignty-based solution
  • Obtaining capital on reasonable terms
  • Facilitating investment in areas of critical need
Creating a Tribal Economic Development Municipality
  • Process for creating a special-purpose municipality for conducting business on tribal land
  • Case study
Topics subject to change.
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