Introduction to Tribal Grants Management

From the time a grant award is accepted until the end date of the award period, the grantee has to carefully manage the grant from both a programmatic and financial standpoint. It is critical that a tribal grantee have an effective management strategy in place to assure the outcomes are achieved, products delivered and regulations are fulfilled. Poor management can hurt the organization in many ways, including the ability to secure future funding.

This class provides the project grant manager with tools to build skills and develop knowledge needed for successful implementation of grant programs. Participants will learn about effective grant coordination, including developing grant strategic plans and implementation plans, becoming familiar with important terminology, and recognizing potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. This class is designed for both the new and intermediate level grant program managers and other staff assigned to working on federal grant programs.

This class will provide an introduction to the basic knowledge and skills a manager needs to have to become an effective grant project manager.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Introduction to Grants Management
  • Introduction and course overview
  • Defining roles
  • Definition of Grant Management
  • Basic purposes
  • Types of grants
The Seven Core Competencies of Grants Management
  • Managing risk
  • Understanding federal requirements
  • Translating a proposal into a program plan and using it
  • Managing budget and finances
  • Using management systems
  • Keeping records and documenting progress
  • Addressing weaknesses
Introduction to the Glossary of Terms
  • Terms you will commonly find with Grant Management 
Monitoring Plan Development
  • Performance measures
  • Performance-based budgeting
  • Strategic implementation  planning
  • Logic models, GANTT charts
  • Monitoring and avoiding scope creep
  • Avoiding fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement
  • Reports and project evaluation
  • Cognizant federal regulations
OMB Super Circular, Reports, Budgets and Close Out
  • Budgets and costs
  • Cost Principles; Grants and Cooperative Agreements with State and Local Governments
  • Audits  (internal and external)
  • Reports (interim program and SF-425)
  • Project evaluation (why is this important)
  • Professional ethics
Changes You Should Know About with OMBís New Super Circular
  • Audit changes
  • Time and effort documentation
  • Performance requirements


    *Topics subject to change.
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