Strategic Planning for Alaska Native

The ability to plan with accuracy and foresight is the cornerstone of success. Strategic planning is important at all levels of any organization, and it’s a team process. In this hands-on class, you’ll examine the unique role that tribal culture plays in the planning process. Learn what tools you can use to analyze your organization and its needs and how to develop a strategic plan.

During this class, you’ll learn how to conduct a strategic planning session, how to prepare for the session and steps to take after the session. As you discover ways to establish a direction for your organization, you’ll also understand how to evaluate the plan’s success and make necessary modifications.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
A Native Perspective on Planning
  • Identifying community needs
  • Pursuing common goals
  • Determining your tribal organization’s strategic posture
Crucial Differences in the Planning Process
  • Non-Native corporations
  • Native corporations and organizations
Getting Ready
  • Identifying reasons for planning
  • Setting up your planning process
  • Developing a plan for gathering information from stakeholders
  • Ensuring you'll meet organizational needs
Articulating the Mission, Vision and Values
  • (Re-)writing your Mission Statement
  • Writing your Vision Statement
  • Articulating fundamental values
  • Understanding how mission, vision and values relate
Assessing Your Situation
  • Reviewing history, scope and scale of the organization
  • Preparing a descriptive profile of operations
  • Gathering information from stakeholders, documents and other sources
  • Summarizing information in a Situation Assessment
Agreeing on Priorities
  • Analyzing data, reviewing progress and updating the workplan
  • Business planning tools
  • Future Growth Strategies
  • Program Portfolios
Writing the Strategic Plan
  • Creating goals and objectives
  • Understanding financial implications
  • Writing the strategic planning document
  • Adopting the Strategic Plan
  • Next steps
  • Avoiding common obstacles
Implementing the Strategic Plan
  • Planning to manage change
  • Developing a detailed Annual Operation Plan
  • Sample Operating Plan
Evaluating and Monitoring the Strategic Plan
  • Evaluating the Strategic Plan and the process
  • Monitoring the Strategic Plan
  • Updating the Strategic Plan
  • Life after the Strategic Plan

*Topics subject to change.

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