Title 31 and Suspicious Activity Reporting

Protect the integrity of your gaming operation. Learn how to recognize suspicious transactions and comply with Title 31 regulations. This one-day class covers everything from the history and purpose of Title 31 and a review of its requirements to the complexities of completing the FinCEN 102 and 103 forms in order to report transactions.

Leave this information-packed class with a solid understanding of the many aspects of Title 31, suspicious activity reporting and how to take regulatory enforcement action. Register today!



T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Introduction and Review
  • History and purpose of Title 31
  • Statistics on reporting
  • Review of Title 31 requirements
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Compliance programs
Case Studies in Title 31 Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Background, purpose and statistics
  • Basic requirements and definitions
  • Examples of suspicious transactions
  • Obtaining suspect information
  • Completing the FinCEN 102 and 103 forms
  • Critical reminders and compliance
Compliance and Training Compliance Programs
  • Training programs
  • Suggested (unofficial) Title 31 Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS)
Regulatory Enforcement Actions Investigations
  • Authority to conduct
  • Penalties
  • Sanctions
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