Budgeting with Microsoft Excel
Part 2 - Excel Advanced

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In this 4-hour session, we'll discuss how to utilize Excel in conjunction with accounting software to integrate excel budgeting DIRECTLY with the underlying accounting software that has the actual revenue and expense transactions and data. We will also review tribal budget report formats and have a discussion of budget planning.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Budget Planning
  • Elements of planning
  • Outcomes-based review
  • Guidelines for a budget
Excel Budget Components
  • Budget versions - Best case, worst case, normal budget
  • Budget report with dollar variance columns
  • Percent of budget remaining columns
  • Monthly budgets, quarterly budgets, year-to-date budgets
  • SF24 federal grant budget format
  • Drawdown budgets for grants

In-House Accounting System Budget Features

  • New budgets based on actual costs
  • Export budgets to Excel
  • Budget drill downs
  • Allow department heads to run budgets in Excel

Excel DrillPoint Module

  • Uses of DrillPoint
  • Steps to building a spreadsheet in Excel DrillPoint
  • DrillPoint report

Microix/MIP Excel Budget Workflow

  • Budget module
  • Decentralize or centralize the budgeting process
  • Pre-load worksheets
  • Create budget worksheet for any time period based on any program, fund, grant, department, cost center or designation of your choice
  • Submit to a multi-level approval process
  • Excel export, import to Accounting Software MIP

*Topics subject to change.

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