Intro to Indirect Costs

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Join us for this virtual training where youíll uncover the basics of indirect costs and understand how indirect costs impact your tribal program, as well as how your indirect cost rate will be calculated. This class will give you the confidence of greater oversight and control of your tribeís financials.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Calculating the Rate
  • Impact of different rates
  • BIA and IHS P.L. 93-638 contract support costs versus other federal agency indirect costs
  • Changes in the indirect cost pool and base
Indirect Cost Pool
  • Personnel
  • Council costs and the 50% Rule:
    • Legal costs
Direct Cost Base
  • Exclusions:
    • Capital items
  • Contractual:
    • Legal fees
  • Pass-through:
    • Use of the chart of accounts
  • Other:
    • Property taxes
    • Distorting items
    • Minimal administrative effort
Salary Base Versus Direct Cost Base
Carry-Forward Schedule
  • Mechanics
  • Over versus under recovery
  • Managing the carry-forward schedule
How to Calculate How Much Indirect Cost Programs Would Pay
Questions and Answers

*Topics subject to change.

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