Creating Performance Measurement Systems in
Response to OMB’s Super Circular and the

Make sure your programs are getting—and keeping—all the funding they are entitled to by staying current on the newest Federal standards. Both OMB’s new Super Circular and the new Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) recently impacted the way programs are audited. This important class will help you ensure you’re meeting these new requirements and holding on to all of your funding.

We’ll walk you through how to create and maintain performance measurement and outcomes systems that not only meet the new standards, but will make you more competitive for funding. Moreover, we’ll help you understand why demonstrating Return on Investment based on meeting goals in your programs is so important, and show you how you can do it. And you’ll leave with an understanding of the requirements and adjustments that must be made in order to be ready for the new Federal DATA Act and the financial reporting data sets that the federal government will be requiring from federal agencies and grantees.

Perfect for program directors, grants specialists, CFOs, CEOs, IT personnel, accounting managers, and tribal board/council members.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E

Day 1

  • Review of the OMB Super Circular and how it will require outcome measurement systems to be in place. Learn what the auditors will be looking for.
  • Review the process on establishing outcomes, and performance measurements, and how to monitor them.
  • Analyze an actual case study on how a tribe was able to use a good performance and outcome system to their benefit.
  • Discover how your financial management system should be set up to be able to tell you the cost of achieving the outcomes. Includes direct and indirect costs and allocation issues.
Day 2
  • Review outcome and performance measurement setup and critical reports and analysis data, screen shots, and statistical data examples.
  • Discover the benefits of having a good outcome and performance measurement system and discuss how it can lead to best practices to maximize the ability to get good outcomes
  • Discuss how performance measurements work in different areas, such as housing, health care, workforce development, child and juvenile services, etc.

Day 3

  • Review processes to be able to demonstrate return on investment to the Federal Government, foundations, and other donors based on the success of your programs.
  • Discuss the new area of funding in the Social Impact Bonds from Wall Street funders and how and why outcome measurements and return on investments are so important to them.
  • Review case studies on how organizations were able to do a return on investment analysis and how it increased their financial revenue generation from funders.
  • Review the new Federal DATA Act (Digital Accountability and Transparency Act) and what it means to your tribe. Learn what financial data standards and data sets will be required to track and submit to the federal government.

*Topics subject to change.

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