Commercial Purchasing for Tribal Casinos
and Other Commercial Tribal Enterprises

Commercial purchasing for tribal casinos and other commercial tribal enterprises involves many intricate aspects that must be well understood in order to maintain successful operations. This class will cover the principles of commercial purchasing, including budgeting and the reduction of costs, and also more complex concerns, like purchasing ethics.

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T O P I C S   I N C L U D E

Introduction: Understanding the Buying Power of the Tribe

Principles of Purchasing: The Role of the Seller

  • Off-the-shelf items — from manufacturer to seller (distributor)
  • Establishing economic ordering quantity for requirements
  • Budgeting and reduction of costs
  • Minimizing inventory
  • Types of contracts to consider
Preparation and Basic Contents of the Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Is the item standard?
  • Are there special considerations for purchase, delivery and warranty/repair?
  • Is “time of the essence” for repair?
  • Is reliability a factor?
  • When I need:
    • Performance bonds
    • Performance milestone schedules
    • Progress payments
    • Liquidated damages
Types of Clauses Required in Certain Contracts
  • Definitions
  • Use to transfer the burden of liability
  • Use to guarantee performance
Bill of Material
  • Definition
  • Consideration in the acquisition of a non-standard item
Development of the Statement of Work (SOW): What to Include

Software vs. Hardware Acquisitions

Elements of Cost Analysis vs. Price Analysis
  • When should they be used?

Developing Vendor Surveys and Rating Systems to Establish a Comprehensive Source List

General Conditions of Purchase

Minimizing Tribal Costs by Reducing the Number of “One-Time” Purchase Orders

Standard Purchase Order Formats

Purchasing Ethics and Policy Requirements

  • High-risk areas as defined by the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines
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