Public Relations and Marketing in Indian
Country: Promoting Your Tribe and Tribal
Enterprises Through Publicity and Advertising

Announce a new enterprise ó or jump-start a floundering one ó with a creative marketing and public relations campaign. Let the world know about your accomplishments. Always put your best foot forward when presenting your tribe or tribal organization!

Attend this dynamic class and develop the skills that you need to sell your products, services and image to the community and the world. Youíll leave this class inspired by new ideas and confident in your ability to take your organization or business to the next level of success. Learn how to create a big splash, even on a small budget, and how to get people to attend important events. Youíll also discover ways to increase sales of goods and services by utilizing a strategic marketing campaign.

Our instructor, a communications and public relations pro with years of Indian Country experience, will show you how to use traditional and new media to develop your brand, deliver high-impact messages, maintain good relations with your key stakeholders, build business prospects, and reach out to employees to keep them informed and motivated. Our instructor will provide valuable tips and tricks. Hands-on exercises will reinforce the message, and a comprehensive manual will serve as a reference after the class. Donít wait. Register today! You canít afford to miss this class.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Assessing Your Needs
  • Opinion research within surrounding communities
  • Opinion research within the tribe
Leadership Responsibilities
  • Serving as an ambassador-at-large for your tribe
  • Spokesperson role
    • Earning trust and building credibility
    • Delivering messages, good and bad
Delivering your Message
  • Knowing you audience and delivering the appropriate messages
  • Selecting the appropriate media to reach your audience
  • Getting your message across effectively
Media Strategy
  • Building your PR tool box
  • Developing a media kit and digital media room
  • Exploring the latest in media trends
  • Knowing what the media wants and how to deliver it
  • Building a strategic relationship with the media
Government-to-Government Relations

  • Creating opportunities for government-to-government relationships
  • Opening the lines of communication
Promoting Tribal Business
  • Developing marketing and PR Plans
  • Attracting potential business partners
  • Marketing your tribe as business-friendly
  • Marketing your reservation as a tourist destination
  • Determining the return on investment for marketing campaigns
  • Measuring your overall efforts
Case Studies and Exercises
You may choose to participate in one of the following exercises:
  • Public Relations: Prepare a media kit and public relations campaign designed to impress potential business partners. Our instructor will guide your group as you discuss the essential elements of a successful public relations campaign and ways to prepare quality materials that show your tribeís high standards in business practices.
  • Marketing: Our instructor will guide your group in the preparation of a marketing plan and sales strategy for a tribally produced product. Through group discussion and supplemental material, youíll determine the target audience and develop a comprehensive strategy for reaching that audience based on a pre-determined budget.
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