Administration of Grant and Contract Schools
Under P.L. 100-297 and P.L. 93-638

Each year, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other federal agencies provide more than $850 million in funding for tribally operated secondary schools. Along with this funding are the multitude of federal laws and regulations that must be complied with in order to prevent sanctions such as disallowed cost, suspension of payments or cancellation of the grant or contract.

This comprehensive class will remove the mystery behind the requirements and demonstrate in plain language what you are required to do when you manage a grant or contract school.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Regulatory Overview
  • Non-Indian students - 25 CFR 31.3
  • Minimum academic standards - 25 CFR 36
  • School board training - 25 CFR 39.603
  • Student rights - 25 CFR 42
Administrative Requirements
  • Minimum property management standards
  • Financial management standards
  • Required purchasing policies and procedures
Audit Requirements
  • Single Audit Act
  • OMB Super Circular
  • When audits must be done
  • Sanctions for no audit
  • Resolving audit findings
Character Investigations
  • P.L. 101-630, as amended
  • Adjudication for grant school applicants
  • Recent court decisions
  • Difference between BIA and grant school suitability determination
Tort Claims Coverage
  • What and who is covered
  • When acts not covered
  • Regulations in 25 CFR 900
  • Acting outside scope of authority
P.L. 100-297
  • Funding and appropriations
  • Allotment formula
  • Education personnel
  • Tribal departments of education
  • Payments
  • Investment of funds - "federal requirements"
Administrative Cost Grants
  • Formula
  • Impact of indirect costs from other agencies
  • When you should establish a rate
  • Restrictions on use of funds
Federal Cost Principles
  • Cost Principles
  • OMB Super Circular
  • What is allowable
  • What is necessary and reasonable
  • Dealing with questioned costs
P.L. 93-638
  • Which sections apply to schools
  • Defining your rights
  • Appeals
  • Disputes
  • Indirect costs

*Topics subject to change.

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