A Safe and Healthy Workplace

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Workplace accidents and injuries are known to have a profound impact on employers and employees. Due to the effect of the current health crisis we are facing, new guidelines are being set in place to promote a safer and healthier work environment.

Join us as we discuss efficient ways organizations can implement standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In this two-day virtual session, we will also examine ways organizations can be prepared with adequate flexibility to adapt to the current unpredictable situation while promoting business continuity and productivity.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Defining a Safety Culture Under OSHA
    Identifying Hazards
    • Hazard identification techniques
    • Common hazards
    • Reviewing hazards
    Resolving Hazards
    • The three methods
    Taking Proactive Measures
    • Hiring for safety
    • Safety training
    Identifying Groups at Risk
    Writing a Safety Plan
    • Writing a plan
    • Elements of a plan:
      • Sick policy
      • Housekeeping
      • Good hygiene
      • Physical separation
      • Essential workers
      • Actions employers can take to lessen business disturbances
      • Adjust previous regulations that might impact your response to COVID-19
    Implementing the Plan
    • Frequent and adequate communication
    • Assigning a safety task force within your organization
    • Safety training
    • Identify critical information that must be communicated to employees
    Incident Management
    • Ways to safely respond to incidents
    • Incident documentation and follow up
    • Investigating incidents
    • Preventing incident reoccurrence
    Reviewing the Program
    • When to review safety plan
    • Review options
    Governing Bodies and Resources

    *Topics subject to change.

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