Tribal Food Service Management

Are your tribal food service facilities serving your community or are they in need of service? Indian communities own and manage food service operations in hospitals, housing units, schools and other buildings that need day-to-day attention as well as long-range planning. This class will show you how to manage your tribe's food service operations effectively and efficiently.

During this two-day class, you'll learn the functions and processes needed to manage any tribal food service facility, the latest trends in food service management and when to partner with other companies to streamline your operation. You'll explore case studies and how to take a problem-solving approach to the most common issues that arise in the food service business, including food safety concerns, decision making, maintaining your food costs and human resources issues.

One of the keys to completing successful road construction projects is a thoughtful planning process that considers community input. This class will discuss the entire process, from completing a road inventory to planning with tribal leaders and members to developing a 20-year transportation plan. Youíll learn strategies for working effectively with external consultants and how to identify alternative sources of funding. Donít miss this opportunity to improve your transportation system and expand your infrastructure.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Inventory Management
  • How to manage quality control
  • The importance of safety and sanitation
  • The role and significance of preventive maintenance
  • Food product flow
Managing Human Resources
  • The human factors of food service
  • Outsourcing: When is it in your best interest?
  • Common human resources problems and solutions
Organizing Your Food Service Operation
  • Store room and cooler organization
  • Inventory management - shelf to sheet
  • FIFO
  • The importance of order guides
The Importance of Planning in Food Service
  • Menu development
  • Procurement
  • Product selection
  • Pricing
  • Using metrics to your advantage
Operations and Maintenance
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Extermination
  • Health department inspections
  • The importance of customer service
  • Understanding the role of continuous improvement
  • Developing a food service marketing program

*Topics subject to change.

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