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Date: November 16 - 18, 2021
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Hotel: Hampton Inn Tropicana (4975 S. Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 - 702-948-8100)
  For a rate of $109 per night plus tax (EXCEPTION: Room rate for 11/14/2021 is $169 because of a Raiders home game), please make your reservation by October 17, 2021. Click here to make your reservation online. Please use group code: FMH when registering.
Tuition: $1,149

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Falmouth is excited to offer this class in Las Vegas! As we return to in-person training, client safety is very important to us, so please click here for the hygiene practices created to keep you safe.


Demonstrate your value to your tribal employer—become certified in Tribal Property and Asset Management. Tribal organizations own millions of dollars in real and personal property. To avoid substantial losses and adverse findings on their annual audit reports, organizations need to have asset accountability, control and protective measures in place.

This certification program will provide you with all of the information that you need to establish or upgrade your property management system. You’ll learn how to handle government and personal property under self-determination contracts and other types of funding. After completing the class, you’ll take an online qualifying exam to complete your certification.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Asset Management and Property Administration
  • Overview of property administration
  • Developing a system
  • Legal aspects of property administration
  • Administrator's responsibilities
  • Manual vs. automated systems
Developing a Property Management System
  • Accountability by grant/contract
  • Dollar thresholds for inventory
  • Inter-program transfers
Contracts, Property Clauses and Property Systems
  • Government contracts
  • Property management cycle
  • Review and approval
Acquisition Guidelines
  • Identifying and validating requirements
  • Receiving and storing property
  • Typical justification criteria
  • OMB procurement guidelines
  • Property consumption and disposition
  • Suggested tag locations
Insurance Issues
  • Insuring contractor-owned property
  • Obligations for government-owned property
  • Proper equipment maintenance
  • Comparison of coverage to actual physical inventories and property records
Management of Government-Owned Property
  • Receiving property
  • Marking and tagging
  • Special controls
  • Segregating government property
  • Maintaining and storing
  • Utilization and security
Accountability and Physical Inventory
  • Introduction to physical inventories
  • Required property records and reports
  • Contractor reports (Federal Acquisition Regulations)
  • Protecting items from theft (e.g., cell phones, digital cameras)
Disposal of Government Property
  • Returning property to the funding agency
  • Disposition under self-determination
  • Contract termination
  • Sale, loss, damage or destruction
  • Disposal under contract cancellation or resumption
  • Frequency of inventories
  • Inventory methods
  • Verification by auditors
Grants and Property Management
  • Financial vs. compliance requirements
  • Property management standards for grants
  • Title and disposition of grantee property
Automation Overview
  • Software programs
  • Hardware options
  • Practical considerations
  • Implementing a system
  • Checklist for purchasing software
Bar Coding Systems
  • Eliminating adverse audit findings
  • Relationship to the general ledger
  • Tagging and tracking personal property
  • Inventory procedures
  • Tracking fiscal and correspondence documents
  • Accounting for homes and other real property
  • Special procedures for expensive items
  • Various types of sorting criteria and reports
  • New bar coding techniques and technologies
Davis-Bacon Act
  • Construction over $2,000

*Topics subject to change.


Become certified by completing these simple steps:

The Falmouth Tribal Property and Asset Management Certification Program can also be delivered as an Onsite Program for organizations seeking to certify at least seven participants. To discuss onsite training opportunities, please call Falmouth at 800-992-4489, ext. 119.


To receive your Tribal Property and Asset Management Certification, you must pass the online qualifying exam.*

*Testing accommodations are available to those with a documented disability. Please contact Falmouth at 1-800-992-4489 or info@falmouthinstitute.com to discuss your particular situation. You must request accommodations when you register for the Certification Program for accommodations to be guaranteed.


Falmouth takes pride in its exceptional faculty. We only work with outstanding trainers who have years of specialized Indian Country experience and who are experts in their fields. You can expect your instructor(s) for this program to deliver top quality training suited to your unique needs as a tribal property and asset management professional.