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Supervision and Management Skills:
Leadership in the Tribal Workplace

Date: January 25 - 26, 2021
Time: 12:30 p.m. EDT; 11:30 a.m. CDT; 10:30 a.m. MDT; 9:30 a.m. PDT; 8:30 a.m. AKDT
Duration: 4 Hours/Day
Tuition:   $849

Attend this LIVE, ONLINE TRAINING presented by our expert, who will be using all the interactive training tools used in the classroom and more. You’ll be able to ask questions, respond to polls, and collaborate with others. Don’t let anything interrupt your training needs. Join us online and experience a different way of learning! Please click here for Virtual Training FAQs.

If you’re a manager or supervisor, ask yourself: What will motivate my staff? How can I get people to accomplish their duties quickly and productively? How can I instill cooperation and teamwork in my staff? How do I get a difficult employee to become a good employee? How can I continue to keep my employees energized and resourceful? This valuable class is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems that they will encounter as a workplace leader. Dealing with the problems that supervisors encounter isn't easy, but it doesn't have to lead to discouragement.

This class will enable you to expand on personal and on-the-job experiences by applying newly acquired skills and techniques used by leading management experts. Our instructor will walk you through practical, hands-on exercises, including problem-solving and other workplace scenarios. You’ll also take a self-assessment to see how well you manage diverse teams, and learn what you can do to better set your employees up for success. Plus, we’ll give you valuable tips for how to handle supervising friends or relatives.

This program is vital for all first-time managers and supervisors. It will also improve the skills of more experienced managers. Register today!

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Responsibilities of a Supervisor
  • Responsibilities to management, your workgroup and yourself
  • Being a role model
  • Handling mistakes
Understanding Leadership
  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • About leadership
  • Understanding your comfort zone
  • Managing performance
  • Servant leadership
Planning for Success
  • How can planning help me?
  • Getting things in order
  • Mastering email
  • Time management tips
  • The parts of a good plan
  • The next steps
Creating a Motivational Climate
  • Behavioral (Reinforcement) Theory
  • Expectancy Theory
  • McClelland's Needs Theory
Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • What are communication skills?
  • Getting better with communication
  • Probing techniques
  • Active listening skills
Giving Feedback
  • Six characteristics of effective feedback
  • Skill-building exercise
  • Receiving feedback
Coaching Skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Helping skills
  • Mentoring skills
  • Teaching skills
  • Challenging skills
Supervising Friends and Relatives
  • Transitioning from "friend" to "boss"
  • What if you're in the position to hire a friend?
  • What do you do when a friend is hired?
  • Steps for managing your relationships
  • Guarding against potential problems
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Self-assessment
  • Guidelines for success
Managing Diversity in the Tribal Workplace
  • Defining diversity
  • Advantages and disadvantages of diverse teams
  • Conflict and creativity
  • How you can help diverse teams succeed
  • Self-assessment
Managing Conflict
  • The conflict resolution process
  • Breaking down the process
  • When should a supervisor get involved?
Managing Challenging Situations
  • Steps for a difficult conversation
  • Communication skills for difficult situations
  • Case studies

*Topics subject to change.

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