October 26-28, 2009 | Phoenix, AZ

Attend this powerful summit, where we’ll examine:

  • Non-ANA funding sources available to tribes
  • How to interest children in speaking heritage languages from a young age
  • How to approach and solve common problems in the language preservation process
  • Tools, tips and tactics that work to engage urban learners
  • The latest technological tools available

meetingLanguage plays an integral part of a tribe’s culture and history. In order to maintain the cultural richness for generations, tribes are searching for ways to preserve or revive their languages. Join the Falmouth Institute for our second annual Native American Language Preservation Summit, where you’ll have an opportunity to explore new ideas and share your own best practices with others.

This deeply important gathering of language experts, language preservation activists and language instructors will inspire and motivate you and your tribe in your journey to keep your language alive. Falmouth’s workshop presenters and keynote speaker will prepare you for your future initiatives and help you add to your existing programs. Move forward with information on the most recent funding sources, the latest technological tools available, principles for engaging the youth of your tribe, mentor/apprentice programs and best practices for addressing challenges in the field of language preservation.

Preserve this vital component of your tribe’s culture. Register today to attend Falmouth Institute’s Native American Language Preservation Summit, where we’ll equip you with the tools you’ll need to undertake this monumental project.


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