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Construction Inspection for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Construction Project Management for Tribal Organizations Hazardous Material Management Managing Financial Aspects of Construction Projects for Tribal Organizations Managing the Federally Funded Construction Project Under Grants, Contracts and Self-Determination Awards Management and Control of Tribal Assets and Property Planning and Managing Construction Projects in Indian Country Reading Blueprints for Tribal Construction Professionals Reservation Road Construction: Planning and Funding for Tribes and Tribal Organizations ServSafe Food Safety Training and Certification Program Tribal Food Service Management Tribal Transportation Infrastructure Development and Program Management


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Administration of Grant and Contract Schools Under P.L. 100-297 Law for the Indian Educator Roles and Responsibilities of Indian School Board Members


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Advanced Grant Writing for Tribal Organizations Advanced Tribal Economic Development Amending and Updating Tribal Enrollment Requirements Bringing Your Tribal Constitution, Bylaws and Ordinances Up to Date Building Alliances to Achieve Your Strategic Goals Conducting Credible Tribal Elections Constitution and Code Drafting for Alaska Tribes Emerging Trends in Tribal Enrollment Ethics for Tribal Board and Council Members Getting Results from Government-to-Government Consultation for Alaska Native Tribes and Corporations Getting Results from Government-to-Government Consultation for Tribes Indian Country's Grants Management Summit Introduction to Tribal Grants Management Land into Federal Trust for Alaska Tribes: An Introduction to the Rule, Process and Issues National Indian Board and Council Members Conference Navigating the Fee-to-Trust Process for Indian Tribes Parliamentary Procedure Certification Program Planning and Facilitating Tribal Meetings and Community Forums Robert's Rules of Order - January in Baraboo, WI Robert's Rules of Order - April in Albuquerque, NM Robert's Rules of Order for Alaska Native Organizations Robert's Rules of Order for the Tribal Recording Secretary Role of the Recording Secretary Within Tribal Organizations Roles and Responsibilities of Tribal Council Members in Alaska Roles and Responsibilities of Tribal Board and Council Members Social Media for Tribal Governments Strategic Planning for Alaska Native Organizations Strategic Planning for Tribes and Tribal Organizations The Fundamentals of Grant Writing for Tribal Organizations Tribal Constitutions, Bylaws and Ordinances: Developing and Rewriting Your Documents Tribal Court Development for Alaska Tribes Tribal Court Rules and Procedures Tribal Enrollment Certification Program Tribal Enrollment Records Management Tribal Governance Certification Program Tribal Grants Management Certification Program Tribal Juvenile Justice Understanding and Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty Using Third-Party Agreements to Enhance Tribal Sovereignty Working Effectively in Indian Country for Federal Employees


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Home Buyer Counseling Under NAHASDA Indian Housing Law Introduction to Indian Housing Management NAHASDA: Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act Strategic Planning for Tribal Housing Boards


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Advanced Indian Law for Tribal Leaders Family Law in Indian Country: A Comparative Approach Indian Land and the Law Indian Taxation Jurisdiction for Tribes Subject to P.L. 280 Jurisdiction in Indian Country — A Guide to Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction Protecting Confidential Tribal Records Rights of Way Over Indian Land Rights of Way II: Negotiating and Renegotiating Rights of Way Over Indian Land Self-Governance: The Future of Compacting for Tribes Sovereign Immunity Update: Minimizing Your Tribe's Liability after Lewis v. Clarke The Essentials of Indian Law: Everything You Need to Know to Work in Indian Country Understanding the Federal Tort Claims Act for Tribal Organizations Understanding the Indian Self-Determination Act: Contracting and Compacting Under P.L. 93-638 Wills, Probate and Land Consolidation in Indian Country Zoning on Indian Land


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Basic Criminal Investigation Techniques for Law Enforcement in Indian Country Law Enforcement and Drugs in Indian Country Preventing and Addressing Human Trafficking on Indian Reservations Report Writing and Investigating Misconduct for Tribal Law Enforcement Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for Law Enforcement and Security Officials in Indian Country Search Warrants for Tribal Law Enforcement Officers Security Force and Tribal Law Enforcement Liability Security Force Policies and Procedures for Tribal Organizations


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A Primer on Tribal Energy Development Archives Management Policies and Procedures for Tribal Organizations Hunting and Fishing Rights for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Indian Water Rights and Water Law Language Preservation Technologies for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Protection and Development of Natural Resources in Indian Country Tribal Cultural and Historic Preservation Tribal Museum and Cultural Center Management Understanding the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


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Cultural Curriculum for American Indian Early Childhood Programs Developing Tribal Youth Summer Camps and Programs Elder Care for Native American and Alaska Native Communities and Organizations Establishing Effective Community Partnerships in Indian Country Introduction to Case Management in Indian Country Leveraging ICWA and Developing your Tribe's Own Child Protection Code Operating and Managing Tribally Controlled Childcare Centers Recognizing and Responding to Gang Activity in Tribal Communities Responding to Allegations of Physical Abuse in Indian Country Responding to the Opioid Crisis in Indian Country Social Service Management and Administration Strategies for Working with Youth in Indian Country Understanding, Preventing and Taking Action Against Bullying in Indian Country
HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Assessing Your HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards in Indian Country Auditing for RACs, MACs and OIG: Preparing Tribal Health Programs Battling Methamphetamine Abuse in Indian Country Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) for Coding Professionals Electronic Medical Records Management Establishing and Managing School-Based Healthcare Facilities for Tribal Organizations ICD-10-CM Coding Principles for Third-Party Reimbursement in Indian Country Innovative Economic Opportunities in Tribal Healthcare Legal Aspects of Health Information Management Managing Purchased/Referred Care and Leveraging the Affordable Care Act Medical Billing and Medical Records Management for Tribal Health and Social Service Organizations Medical Records Privacy for Tribal Health Programs Roles and Responsibilities of Community Health Representatives in Indian Country Roles and Responsibilities of Tribal Health Board Members The Medical Administrative Assistant: Professional Excellence for Tribal Medical Receptionists, Clerks and Administrative Assistants Transitioning to ICD-10-CM Wellness Strategies for Community Health Representatives

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