If your tribal organization wants to win new grants, then you need to plan, prepare and present a perfect proposal - a proposal so clearly communicated that grantors will want to fund your project with few or no questions. Falmouth's Grants Management services include:

    Grant Research and Training
    We'll work with your staff to identify the most likely funding sources that are in line with your organization's mission and goals. This allows you to determine funding goals and grant opportunities. Falmouth also offers training and mentoring services to help those who want to better understand the grant process.

    Program Planning and Design
    We'll organize the people, define the purpose and establish realistic goals and objectives. By creating a plan for your proposal process, you'll ensure the most effective use is made of your organization's resources by focusing your time and staff on the key priorities needed to win the grant.

    Proposal Development
    With your input, Falmouth will prepare your grant application, forms and budgets, and submit the application to the funder. This phase includes coordinating the grant development team; researching, collecting and analyzing data; writing drafts and coordinating reviews; and producing a final grant proposal.

    Program Management and Evaluation
    Funders are increasingly seeking to know how grant-funded programs will be evaluated in order for the initial proposal to even be considered for funding. Evaluation services begin with establishing program goals and objectives that lend themselves to effective evaluation efforts and designing an effective evaluation plan, with which to follow throughout the duration of a grant program.

    For more information, please call Tom Wilkins at 800-992-4489, ext. 119, or click here.