Tribal Governance and Management Retreats provide your organization with a structured process and guided facilitation that will allow you to prepare for positive change and produce meaningful results.

Falmouth Institute will develop and deliver a unique and focused retreat for the leaders, executives and professionals within your administration. The overall objective will be to assist your leaders in creating outcome-focused goals and setting benchmarks needed to maximize the benefits and resources of your community.

To further maximize the efforts and resources of your organization, we have designed special planning modules which provide talking points, case studies and best practices in the following areas:

-Tribal Finance and Accounting
-Indian Law
-Human Resources
-Tribal Gaming and Tourism
-Economic Development
-Native Healthcare Management
-Native Youth and Education
-Conflict Resolution
-Tribal Governance and Leadership
-Workplace Supervision and Management

    Pre-Retreat Guidance
    Falmouth Institute encourages mutual involvement and open communication from the start of the Retreat Planning Process. Our approach to providing technical assistance in Indian Country looks to gather input and information from all retreat participants as we design our service and discuss the expectations and outcomes. We'll assemble a Retreat Planning Team to consolidate input and objectives from key stakeholders to define key tasks, milestones and responsibilities. By identifying these benchmarks and setting this foundation in advance, we'll be able to maximize your time and resources during the facilitated retreat.

    Tribal Planning Retreat
    The ability to plan with accuracy and foresight is the cornerstone of a successful tribal operation. During this guided discovery process, you'll examine the unique role that tribal culture plays in effective planning and the tools you can use to analyze your organization and the needs of your community. During your retreat, our facilitator(s) will work with you step-by-step to reach your goals and prepare for the future. As you discover ways to establish a direction for your organization, you'll also understand how to evaluate the plan's success and make necessary modifications as your knowledge, capabilities and expectations grow.

    Post-Retreat Support
    To provide ongoing and consistent support and resources, Falmouth will work with the Retreat Planning Team to realize the gains and results identified during the retreat process. This follow-up includes assessing the steps and tasks as they are accomplished and discussing solutions to obstacles and interference, which challenge successful outcomes.

    Planning Retreat Speakers and Facilitators
    Falmouth Institute has established a network in Indian Country that gives us unique exposure to presenters, moderators and speakers who are culturally sensitive to our clients. Our reputation for delivering high-quality services demands we only utilize presenters and speakers who have demonstrated their ability to deliver successful programs and offer special expertise to our clients in Indian Country. Depending on the goals and functions of the group assembled for your Planning Retreat, we'll draw from our pool of experts from federal agencies, private entities, tribal and local governments, academia, non-profit organizations and professional firms.

    Planning Retreat Locations
    The ability to create an effective learning environment is paramount to the effectiveness of a successful training session. We have worked with several tribal destination properties to arrange for lodging and meeting space in a culturally-relevant and engaging location.

    For more information, please call Tom Wilkins, Falmouth Institute's Business Development Specialist, at 800-992-4489 ext. 119, or click here.