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Topics Include:

DAY 1: Presented by Steve Osborne - Partner, Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker, LLP

Contract Support Costs (CSC) Policy

  • Update on IHS CSC Policy
  • Update on BIA CSC Policy
  • Important considerations for completing the CSC reconciliation process with IHS and BIA

Review of CSC Court Decisions

  • Navajo Health Foundation - Sage Memorial Hospital, Inc. v. Burwell
  • Swinomish Indian Tribal Community v. Azar, et al
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. v. Mandregan et al

CSC Claims

  • Contract Disputes Act process
  • Preparing for and submitting claims for unpaid or underpaid CSC

Facility Leases

  • How to increase facilities funding by preparing and submitting lease proposals under section 105(l) of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act
  • Status of IHS' ongoing lease funding and BIA's new framework for negotiating 105(l)leases

DAY 2: Presented by Adam P. Bailey and Elliott A. Milhollin - Partners, Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker, LLP

CARES Act Funding

  • BIA and IHS direct appropriations, limitations and flexibility, testing funds in other legislation for COVID-19 Relief Funding and other CARES Act funding
  • Provider Relief Fund requirements and considerations
  • Coronavirus Relief Funding requirements, allowable uses and restrictions
  • Coronavirus Relief Funding considerations
    • Business grants
    • Tribal PPP and other programs
    • Direct economic relief to members
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave applicability

Topics and presenters subject to change.






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