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November 7-8, 2018
Las Vegas, NV - Embassy Suites

Join us for Falmouth Institute’s Tribal HR Management Summit where we’ll explore some of the most important topics in tribal HR today. Our tribal HR and employment law specialists will lead you through two information-packed days exploring trends and legal updates in tribal HR, including what you should know about conducting I-9 audits, drug and alcohol policies, understanding when COBRA applies to tribes, recent legal threats to sovereign immunity (including a discussion of personal liability and liability insurance issues), timekeeping and compliance issues, conducting fair and legal workplace investigations, strategies for overcoming hiring challenges, recruiting and developing millennials, managing non-traditional work arrangements, developing tribal member employees, conducting a compensation and benefits analysis, 5 ways HR can build your tribal organization’s brand, and more!

Among the many topics you’ll explore:

  • Conducting I-9 audits
  • Drug and alcohol policies review
  • Understanding when COBRA applies to tribes
  • Sovereign immunity update (including liability insurance considerations)
  • Individual employee liability - and how to minimize the risks
  • Timekeeping and compliance issues for HR
  • Conducting fair and legal workplace investigations
  • Strategies for overcoming hiring challenges
  • Recruiting and developing millennials
  • Managing non-traditional work arrangements
  • Developing tribal member employees
  • Conducting a compensation and benefits analysis
  • 5 ways HR can build your tribal organization's brand

  • *Topics subject to change.





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