Purchasing Procedures for Tribes
and Tribal Businesses

Tribes and tribally owned businesses spend billions of dollars annually on goods and services. But how efficiently are your goods and services being purchased? Have you obtained the best prices through competitive procedures and volume-buying agreements? Do you have procurement policies in place? If in doubt or if you would like to enhance your current policy, register today for this important training program.

This class will help you identify the purchasing procedures that will work for you. You'll examine a wide spectrum of topics, including small purchase procedures, types of contracts, competition requirements and Indian preference. You'll learn about General Services Administration (GSA) programs that apply to tribes. Model policies will be explored and are included in the class manual. Find out how to improve your existing policies - bring your current purchasing procedures for discussion and evaluation.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Establishing Policies and Procedures
  • What to include
  • Getting started
  • Federal requirements (OMB A-102)
  • Policies for purchasing and contracting
  • Sample guide to procurement
Delegation of Authority
  • Dollar amounts
  • Levels of delegation
  • Responsibility for purchasing and contracting
  • Roles of program directors, compliance officers and tribal managers/councils
Standards of Conduct
  • Ethics
  • Federal requirements
  • Real vs. apparent conflicts
  • Illegal acts
  • Responsibilities and procedures
Fraud Indicators
  • Types of fraud:
    • Bribery and theft
    • Contracts and bidding
    • Payables and documentation
  • Inadequate separation of duties
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Repetitive purchasing/same vendors
  • Auditor's responsibility
Increasing Competition
  • Guidelines
  • Soliciting sources
  • Handling questions
  • Locating potential sources
GSA Programs
  • Program overview
  • Tribal eligibility
  • GSA schedule(s)
Cost and Price Analysis
  • Application and limitations
  • Approaches and techniques
  • Reasonableness and allocability
  • Price comparisons
  • Cost verification
Purchasing Methods
  • General principles
  • Work statements
  • Small purchases
  • Sealed bids
  • Government sources
  • Negotiated
  • Contract administration
Types of Contracts
  • Fixed price
  • Cost reimbursements
  • Blanket purchase agreements
  • Letter contracts
  • Key elements and considerations
  • Handling bids and proposals
  • Price and technical evaluations
  • Conduct of negotiations
  • Selection for awards
  • Protest procedures
Indian Preference
  • P.L. 93-638 7b and 7c
  • Buy Indian Act
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Indian preference programs
  • Recent court decisions
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