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Understanding and Strengthening
Tribal Sovereignty

Date: October 18, 2017
Location: Anchorage, AK
Hotel: Hilton Anchorage (500 W. 3rd Ave - 907-272-7411)
Tuition:   $350

Indian tribes have their own inherent sovereignty, pre-dating the founding of the United States, yet the question of tribal sovereignty is still being litigated and debated daily. In this fascinating class, you’ll learn the history of tribal sovereignty, from pre-colonial times all the way through the most recent Supreme Court cases. Discover how federal and state governments, as well as the tribes themselves, have come to treat tribal sovereignty differently over the years, and what impact that has on policy-making, government-to-government relationships, and—most importantly—the daily lives of tribal community members.

In this exciting class you’ll leave with more than a history lesson—you’ll be invited to develop a strategy for evaluating and enhancing your own tribe’s sovereignty.

This class will be taught by Lisa Jaeger. Ms. Jaeger has served as the tribal government specialist for the Tanana Chiefs Conference in Fairbanks Alaska since 1979. She has traveled extensively into the villages of the Interior and other parts of Alaska assisting tribes in designing tribal government structures and procedures; drafting constitutions, ordinances, codes and policies; and assisting tribes on land issues and in the development of their tribal courts.

Key Terms and Concepts

  • Inherent sovereignty
  • Retained sovereignty
  • Government-to-government relationships
  • Trust responsibility
  • Brief overview of Federal Indian law

Strategies for Exercising Sovereignty Through:

  • Tribal constitution, bylaws, civil codes and criminal codes
  • Tribal enrollment policies
  • Economic development
  • Tribal land use management
  • Tribal courts
  • Federal courts
  • Jursidiction
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