November 6-10, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

To provide professional development opportunities to the hundreds of Native professionals who will be at the INFR, Falmouth Institute will deliver training sessions November 6-10, 2017 (8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.) before the rodeo begins each day. Be sure
to join us!

11/6/2017 - Overview of Basic Budgeting

11/6/2017 - Key Tips of Robert's Rules of Order

11/7/2017 - Tools for Effective Management for Tribal Supervisors

11/7/2017 - The Essentials of Microsoft Office

11/8/2017 - The Essentials or Records Management

11/8/2017 - Time Management for Busy Tribal Professionals

11/9/2017 - Assert Yourself! Communicating with Confidence

11/9/2017 - The Secret to Productive Meetings

11/10/2017 - Customer Service Essentials

11/10/2017 - Workplace Wellness

*DISCOUNTS: Great savings when you register for more than one INFR session!

Please click here for a PDF of the INFR training flyer.

Falmouth Institute is pleased to be a scholarship sponsor of INFR 2017.Your participation in these classes supports the achievements of Native students through the INFR scholarship program.