Top Office Tech Trends of 2017 - NEW TOPIC!
Office technology is changing at a rapid pace - make sure you’re staying current and making use of the best tools! In this workshop we’ll show the latest and greatest in office operating systems and software, including Windows 10, Office 2016, Office 365 and Microsoft One Note and Planner. We’ll review best practices for data backup and show you time-saving shortcuts that will make you more efficient.

  • Exciting new collaboration tools
  • Planner: Microsoft’s new project management tool
  • What is One Note and why would you want it?

Excel’s Best Accounting Features for Administrative Assistants - NEW TOPIC!
Are you ready to move beyond the basics in Microsoft Excel? Take your knowledge of this software to the next level in this exciting class, where we’ll show you its powerful finance and accounting-related features. The advanced functions we’ll show you will help you analyze data, track expenses, and create and monitor budgets.

  • How to track expenses using formula
  • How conditional formatting can help highlight information
  • Setting up pivot tables to analyze data

History of Tribal Sovereignty - NEW TOPIC!
Learn the history of tribal sovereignty, from pre-colonial times all the way through the most recent Supreme Court cases. In this workshop you’ll discover how federal and state governments, as well as the tribes themselves, have come to treat tribal sovereignty differently over the years, and what impact that has on policy-making, government-to-government relationships, and—most importantly—the daily lives of tribal community members.

  • What powers does a tribal government have?
  • Recent court cases impacting tribal sovereignty
  • Interaction between U.S. and tribal law

Demystifying Tribal Governments - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!
Tribal governments can be confusing, even to those who work for them. This workshop will explore the essentials of how a tribal government operates, the documents that support the government, and an overview of legislative, executive and judicial powers of tribal governments.

  • Modern tribal constitutions
  • Division of governing functions
  • Roles of tribal officers

Building an Energized, Effective Workplace Team! - ALL NEW CONTENT!
What does it take to be a part of an inclusive, high functioning team? How can we develop an atmosphere of respect and mutual support? We’ll discuss fun ways you can foster a positive team environment. Come ready to take part in an exciting team activity, designed to help you identify and leverage others’ unique talents—as well as your own.

  • Strategies for increasing overall office effectiveness
  • Tips for bringing out the best in others
  • Essential components of successful teams

Shining a Light on Workplace Bullying, Difficult People and Gossip - ALL NEW CONTENT!
This interactive class will focus on awareness, prevention and easily available free resources to combat these potentially destructive workplace issues. Class participants will work together to identify key concerns, shared experiences and effective solutions. We’ll also discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict, and provide techniques for handling situations where conflict escalates to anger.

  • What is workplace bullying?
  • How does it impact your work environment?
  • How can we access our personal power and the language of change?

The Tribal Administrative Assistant as the Office Manager - NEW TOPIC, BY REQUEST!
You’re not sure how it happened, or maybe you are, but now you’re in charge of running the office. If you got the job without the title, training or salary, you probably need some support. In this important workshop, we’ll provide you with valuable tools for keeping the office running smoothly.

  • 4 essential office policies and procedures you should put into place
  • How to use big-picture thinking to guide day-to-day decisions
  • Designing office systems that work for you and your team

Project Management Essentials - NEW TOPIC, BY REQUEST!
Project management may not be part of your job description, but it's not unusual for the tribal administrative support staff to find themselves in that mode. If you've ever been tasked with managing an important project or if you're ready to take on a new challenge and become a project manager, this session is for you.

  • The 5 phases of project management
  • Tools and templates you can start using now
  • Why projects fail, and how you can ensure yours succeeds

Understanding Personality Types at Work - NEW TOPIC!
We’re all unique, but social scientists have identified basic patterns in the way different personality “types” perceive and respond to their environments. Understanding patterns in how different people see the world can help us improve our communication, reduce conflict, and improve our work relationships.

  • Self-assessment: What’s my type?
  • Tips for getting the most out of different personality types
  • Improving individual and team performance

Break the Good Enough Barrier: Superior Customer Service - ALL NEW CONTENT!
Reach the next level of customer service with this interactive workshop. We’ll show you how to use empathy, problem-solving, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to deliver excellent service to both internal and external customers.

  • Conduct a Positive Service Experience Assessment
  • Learn what you’re communicating subconsciously, without even realizing it
  • Strategies for turning problems into opportunities

Budgeting Basics for Admins - NEW TOPIC, BY REQUEST!
As an administrative assistant, you know the ins-and-outs of your department/program like nobody else — and that makes you an invaluable asset in developing a budget. Get ready to step up to the challenge. In this session, you’ll get a big-picture overview of the budgeting process, and then get hands-on practice completing a sample personnel budget.

  • Monitoring spending
  • Reading financial documents
  • Putting together a sample personnel budget

Handling Confidential Records and Information - NEW TOPIC, BY REQUEST!
You’re privy to all kinds of confidential information. Make sure you’re doing all you can to protect it. In this workshop we’ll explore the best practices for setting up and handling personnel files, ways to safeguard your boss’ privacy and company secrets, and guidelines for determining which information is confidential.

  • Handling tricky ethical dilemmas
  • Tips and tricks for keeping electronic records secure
  • Laws you need to be aware of

Health, Wellness and Personal Safety - ALL NEW CONTENT!
Health is wealth! In this interactive session, our health and wellness expert will demonstrate stretches and exercises you can easily add to your daily routine and give you important workplace ergonomics tips. You’ll learn important tips to improve your nutrition, health and safety and come up with your own personal action plan.

  • Healthy, traditional recipes to share
  • Create a personal health and safety action plan
  • Protecting yourself against top killer diseases

Boost Your Resilience and Reduce Your Stress at Work - UPDATED!
Do you want to get a handle on the stress in your life? Join us at this workshop for tips on controlling stress and putting things in perspective. We’ll talk about the many benefits of dealing with stress in positive ways.

  • Keep your poise under stress
  • Use a stress diary to track, analyze and minimize stressors
  • Understand the 4 types of stress and how to handle each type


Topics subject to change.