The SILVER Lining Playbook for Work Satisfaction, Productivity and Meaningful Daily Job Experiences - NEW TOPIC
Discover your own personal power in the work place! In this fun, hands-on session, you’ll learn what a difference it makes when we understand our individual strengths and notice the talents in others. Come to this workshop ready to reinforce your existing strengths, identify areas for growth, and assess the power of your office attitudes, choices and behaviors.

  • Simple adjustments that will help you reach your personal and professional goals
  • Finding and creating value in our work
  • How to lift others up as we rise

25 Amazing Tips for Effective Communication - NEW TOPIC
Want to make sure you’re getting your point across? Discover 25 practical tips highlighting what makes communication effective, interesting and has people wanting more. We’ll review the best communication practices gathered over the last 25 years. This workshop will be practical, interactive and include stories and humor.

  • The secrets to high-quality communication
  • Simple rapport-building techniques
  • Getting yourself out of sticky situations

Working with People from Different Generations - NEW TOPIC
Think of some of the oldest and youngest people in your organization. Now think of the respective worlds these people grew up in. It’s no wonder that working with people of different generations can be a challenge. But the diversity of perspectives can also lead to some real advantages for tribes. In this fascinating session, you’ll learn about some of the patterns in generational differences you’re likely to see in the tribal environment. We’ll discuss strategies for minimizing intergenerational conflict and distraction, and ways to promote a harmonious, productive atmosphere.

  • How to be sensitive to generational differences without stereotyping
  • Effective ways to manage intergenerational conflict
  • Tips for giving and receiving feedback with people from different generations

Understanding Tribal Employment Rights - NEW TOPIC
How is working for a tribal employer different from working for a non-tribal employer? What laws govern your rights as an employee? In this fascinating workshop, you’ll discover how tribal sovereignty impacts the day-to-day lives of tribal employees — whether you’re a tribal member or a guest of the tribe. Discover which tribal documents you can turn to in understanding and advocating for your rights, and why many tribes chose to enforce federal employment laws, even when they aren’t required to.

  • Which federal employment laws apply to tribes and which don’t?
  • Your rights under the Indian Civil Rights Act as an employee and/or citizen of tribe
  • What steps can tribal employees take for discrimination and harassment?

From "Oh" to "Ooh": Event Planning Success - NEW TOPIC
Whether you’re organizing a meeting with 5 people or a 700 person gathering, you want the event you’re planning to go off flawlessly. In this workshop, you’ll learn the essential steps to successful events planning and discover exciting tips and tricks for taking your event to the next level.

  • Establishing and maintaining your budget
  • Negotiating terms with vendors
  • Special touches that make your event shine

Understanding Your Team-Player Style - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, with ALL NEW Team Challenges and Activities
In this fun, high-energy workshop you’ll take a self-assessment to identify your team-player style. Our facilitator will help you reflect on what your results mean, and you’ll identify ways to enhance your effectiveness as a team member. Then you’ll participate in team challenges, using what you just learned about yourself to capitalize on your natural strengths while practicing skills you may need help further developing.

  • Gain valuable insight into your working relationships with others
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a team player
  • Participate in exciting team games

25 Key Finance Terms and Concepts for the Tribal Secretary - NEW TOPIC
Do you work with budgets? Or for a grant- or contract-funded program? Want to know how to work more effectively with the finance department? In this important workshop, we’ll review 25 of the most important finance-related terms and concepts tribal administrative professionals need to know, and help you see how they fit into the big picture.

  • Essential grants and contracts vocabulary
  • Budgeting and accounting basics
  • Why there’s often a disconnect with the finance department and how to fix it

Dealing with Unreasonable and Difficult People - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, WITH NEW CONTENT
Every office has them—people who seem to delight in making things difficult for others. How you respond can make the difference between being a victim and being in control of the situation. In this workshop you’ll discover simple tips for assertive communication, learn techniques for handling specific types of difficult people, and explore what your options are if you’re being bullied or harassed.

  • How to handle a bully boss
  • Identifying your own role in conflicts
  • Proven ways to repair difficult work relationships

Understanding Tribal Council and their Decisions - NEW TOPIC
Have you ever wondered how tribal councils make their decisions? If you’d like a deeper understanding of how councils function and the way their decisions impact your job, attend this fascinating session and find out!

  • Traditional and modern roles of tribal councils
  • What’s the relationship between tribal council and tribal organizations/enterprises?
  • The difference between governance and management, and why this often gets confused

Reduce Your Stress in 25 Minutes or Less - ALL NEW CONTENT
Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Not finding the time to properly take care of yourself? Attend this session and learn easy ways you can reduce your stress in 25 minutes or less a day.

  • Why self-care is so important, and what to do when you know you’re out of balance
  • Physical and mental exercises you can practice daily
  • Healthy, traditional meals you can prepare in 25 minutes or less

Top 10 Tech Tools for Tribal Secretaries - NEW TOPIC
In an age where technology changes rapidly, are you up to date and taking full advantage of the most recent developments? In this fun and informative session, you’ll learn how 10 exciting tech tools can transform your work as a tribal administrative professional. Take a peek at Office 365 apps, Evernote, RecNow audio recording, Teamviewer, Dlink camera apps, GoTo meeting, LastPass, One Note, and Google Photos and see how they can make your job easier.

  • Time-saving tips and tricks
  • Tools for getting organized
  • Meeting technology you should try

Budgeting with Microsoft® Excel - UPDATED
Microsoft® Excel is the perfect tool for creating and managing your budgets. From the simplest to the most complicated budgets, Excel will help you break your data down into useful spreadsheets and charts that you can use to develop spending plans, track expenditures and make budget presentations. This exciting session is a sneak peek from our new two-day class, Budgeting with Microsoft® Excel.

  • Essential formulas for budgets
  • How to handle variance
  • Tools for creating knock-out budget reports

Find Your Passion - NEW TOPIC
In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore the process of finding your passion. You’ll take a look back at your life, using poster paper to make an individual timeline, and then look forward to determine how you want to spend your time to live up to your fullest potential. Discover what a difference finding your passion makes in your professional and personal life!

  • How being deliberate in our choices changes our lives
  • Steps for translating personal passions into career success
  • Working within the limitations that we all have in the "real" world

Develop Your Professional Identity in 25 Days - NEW TOPIC
Want to go from being a “worker” to a “professional?” By identifying, cultivating and showcasing your special skills and talents, you can stand out as a true professional in your field. We’ll also discuss how, through supporting and developing your peers, you and your coworkers can mutually elevate the standing of administrative professionals at your tribe. Come to this hands-on workshop ready to learn how to develop and practice your own personalized elevator speech that you can give to your boss, the tribal chairman or council members, or others that you could influence.

  • One simple thing you can do every morning that will change your life
  • The keys to giving and getting respect at work
  • Creating your own “elevator speech”


Topics subject to change.