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Topics Include:

Recent and New Indirect Cost Strategies

  • Treatment of IHS purchased and referred care
  • Pool trends
  • Negotiating trends
  • What the recent court case Norton Sound Health Corporation v. Azar means for IDC recovery

Tribal Finance IT Solutions

  • Cloud hosting vs. local server-based hosting of accounting software: pros and cons
  • Security issues with accounting software
  • Software solutions for CFR 200 audit issues
  • Workflow for requisitions, purchase orders, budgets and timekeeping

Budgeting for Success

  • Budget cycle
  • Monitoring budget revisions
  • Making realistic forecasts of expenses

Surviving Your Audits

  • Selecting your auditor
  • Negotiating the fee
  • Tips for managing your auditor
  • Top 10 audit findings (and how to prevent them)

2 CFR 200 Overview

  • Highlights of the Uniform Guidance
  • Procurement
  • Allowable costs
  • Travel costs
  • Conferences
  • Employee health and welfare costs
  • Compensation - personal services (as it relates to incentives)
  • Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC)
  • Upcoming changes to the Micro Purchase and Simplified Acquisition Thresholds

General Welfare Exclusion Act

  • Leveraging the Act for your tribe and its members
  • Which social programs are included
  • What tribal members, their spouses and dependents need to know
  • When the tribe should issue corrected 1099s
  • When tribal members should consider filing an amended return

Basics of Investing

  • Federal and tribal funds
  • Rules
  • Risks
  • Using prudent investment principles
  • Self-D and Self-G funding
  • Choosing the right investments
  • Choosing the right advisor
  • Maintaining a portfolio
  • Growth models
  • Who to trust

Tribal Taxation Issues

  • Entity structuring for the best tax advantages:
    • Section 17 vs. other corporate or LLC structure
    • Tribal immunity from federal/state income tax
  • Other tax impacts:
    • Best practices with per capita distribution (trust resource income; IGRA minor trust) and General Welfare Programs
  • Concerns and considerations specific to state and local government taxation of non-Indians doing business in Indian Country

Optional Small Group Break-Out Discussions and Individual Consultations

  • Individual consultations with conference presenters
  • Bonus small group break-out discussion on tribal taxation or investment issues - your choice

Topics subject to change.






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