January 2015 Calendar

Federal Grants and Contracts Accounting for Tribal Organizations
January 13 - 14 | Rapid City, SD

Background Investigations and Vendor Licensing for the Tribal Gaming Operation
January 21 - 22 | Las Vegas, NV

Roles and Responsibilities of Alaska Native Board and Council Members
January 21 - 22 | Anchorage, AK

Elder Care for Native American and Alaska Native Communities and Organizations
January 21 - 22 | Las Vegas, NV

Protection and Development of Natural Resources in Indian Country
January 21 - 23 | Las Vegas, NV

Indian Taxation
January 22 - 23 | Las Vegas, NV

Tribal Gaming Law for Tribal Government Officials, Gaming Professionals and Commissioners
January 26 - 27 | Las Vegas, NV

Casino Accounting and Auditing for Indian Gaming Organizations
January 26 - 27 | Las Vegas, NV

Results-Oriented Management Strategies for Tribal Supervisors
January 26 - 27 | Las Vegas, NV

Professional Excellence III for Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Professionals: Job Tools
January 26 - 28 | Las Vegas, NV

Medical Billing and Medical Records Management for Tribal Health and Social Service Organizations
January 27 - 28 | Las Vegas, NV

Understanding OMB's New Grant Compliance Requirements
January 28 - 29 | Anchorage, AK

Employment Law for Tribes and Tribal Organizations
January 28 - 30 | Las Vegas, NV

Management and Control of Tribal Assets and Property
January 29 - 30 | Las Vegas, NV

The Tribal Workplace in the Digital Age
January 29 - 30 | Las Vegas, NV

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